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Yoga Nidra Using Individualized Assessment & Therapeutic Planning:

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Experience the transformative practice of Optimal State Yoga Nidra. By incorporating conscious periods of rest into your daily routine, you can tap into your full potential and achieve a state of optimal well-being. In today’s fast-paced world, we often neglect the importance of taking moments to rest and rejuvenate. With Optimal State Yoga Nidra, you can embrace a holistic approach to self-care, enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional balance. Join us on this journey towards total relaxation and unlock the untapped energy within you.

Why Take Optimal State Yoga Nidra Training?

  • Embark on a transformative journey with Optimal State Yoga Nidra training, and discover a multitude of benefits for both yourself and your clients. By cultivating the practice of pausing before reacting, you can foster self-awareness and promote emotional regulation. With a strong, stable, and quiet nervous system, your clients will experience co-regulation, creating a harmonious environment for growth and healing.
  • Learn to observe our own judgements, thoughts, and emotions with less reactivity. Embrace the power of honesty and curiosity both within yourself and in guiding your clients to be truthful about themselves and their lives, which helps to foster more self confidence and self assurance.
  • Dance fearlessly with fear, attachment, and aversion as you delve into the subtle practices of Optimal State Yoga Nidra. Discover the art of self awareness on many layers, and the art of drawing your senses inward for deeper self connection.
  • Gain the expertise to create effective Optimal State Yoga Nidra practices tailored to your unique needs and those of your clients. Cultivate a safe and nurturing space for deep healing through intentional rest, counterbalancing the overstimulation of modern life.
  • Incorporate the art of being into your teachings, helping yourself and your clients to transcend constant movement and busyness. Develop the confidence and knowledge to guide your students through meditation, ensuring their well-being and knowing how to handle any adverse reactions.
  • Acquire the skills to support clients who have experienced trauma, fostering a compassionate and empowering environment for their healing process.
  • Elevate your practice and transform the lives of others through the profound teachings of Optimal State Yoga Nidra. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the immense potential within yourself and your clients.

Who Can Take Optimal State Yoga Nidra Training?

This training is for everyone, no prerequisite or Yoga experience needed.


Creating Your Best Self Using Optimal State Yoga Nidra

Experience a transformative journey towards your best self with Optimal State Yoga Nidra therapy. As a trained Optimal State Yoga Nidra Therapist, you will invest time in understanding the unique needs, patterns, and habits of your clients. Based on this individualized assessment, you will create a tailored Optimal State Yoga Nidra care plan, designed to restore mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.
Our specialized Optimal State Yoga Nidra Therapists are equipped to assist individuals dealing with a range of challenges, including anxiety, insomnia, burnout, depression, chronic pain, and addiction. By prioritizing the client’s well-being, we ensure that they become the focal point of the Optimal State Yoga Nidra Therapeutic Plan. Clients will have the opportunity to implement the care plan for 3-10 days, providing feedback to the therapist for any necessary adjustments. With long-term application, the therapeutic plan becomes an invaluable tool, aiding in sleep improvement, anxiety reduction, enhanced energy and focus, reigniting one’s passion for life, pain management, curbing cravings, and building self-confidence to embody the best version of oneself.
Optimal State Yoga Nidra transcends barriers and welcomes individuals of all ages, races, religions, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, and sexual identities. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of India’s yogis, the Optimal State Yoga Nidra Method encompasses timeless universal truths. Passed down through generations by revered sages, known as rishis, these teachings have proven their efficacy across time and contexts. Trust in the power of these techniques to bring about transformative changes in your clients’ lives, just as they have done for countless others.
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Optimal State Yoga Nidra therapy. Join our community and unlock the profound potential within you, breaking free from limiting patterns and embracing a life of joy and fulfillment.

Resources that enhance your Optimal State Yoga Nidra experience include:

The Gold Zone eBook which is a companion to The Optimal State Mobile App, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Register Today for the Free Course: 12 Days of Yoga Nidra!!!


You can come as a participant who wants to learn more about how to improve their mental & physical health. You might be a healthcare practitioner who desires to add more tools to their healing toolkit! This training will be life-changing for you on a personal & professional level.

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This was my first introduction to Yoga Nidra, and the course structure was perfect for my learning style. The instructors expertly guided us through the practices, and provided a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques. The additional required mentoring sessions to refine my facilitator skills were invaluable. I am grateful for the depth of understanding that I gained, and the positive impact it has had on my personal well-being. This course provided a well-rounded learning experience. It not only gave me a deep understanding of Yoga Nidra but also empowered me to confidently start teaching it to my own yoga therapy clients. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to explore Yoga Nidra and share its profound benefits with others.- MG, CA

The Optimal State Yoga Nidra Facilitators Course has enabled me to feel comfortable offering trauma informed yoga nidra to my clients. This is such a powerful and effective tool in the yoga therapy toolkit. I really appreciate that the course creates a bridge between Western and Eastern medicine in order to speak to clients in the way they can hear it. Thank you for offering another amazing course!- SVM, CA

I have deep appreciation and respect to you and the other teachers for the gift of the Yoga Nidra course. Your caring, depth of knowledge, and guidance flowed through each practice and helped create a safe environment where I was able to experience a deep sense of relaxation and renewal. This exploration of Yoga Nidra taught me about the power of deep relaxation. I found that each session stayed with me long after I left my yoga mat. I felt rejuvenated and connected to my inner wisdom which allowed me to navigate the world with greater lightness and ease. – EG, PA